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Guide to Choosing a Paella Pan

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Guide to Choosing a Paella Pan

It can be difficult to know which paella pan is right for you. Once you have chosen the size of pan that is right for you, it is important to think about the type and finish of the pan.

You can find more help on sizes by viewing our paella pan size guide and pan to burner size guide.

What type of burner you are using?

Gas cookers/Gas burners

All paella pans up to 36cm can be used on a domestic gas cooker. If you have a large range cooker with a wok burner, you can use a larger pan, but even here you would probably need more than one burner on and to keep turning the pan to ensure everything is cooking evenly.


If you have an electric or induction hob, select an induction pan as they have a thick, flat conductive base.

Traditional paella pans have a slightly rounded base, meaning that, for electric hobs, they will get significantly hotter in the middle than around the edges, which makes them unsuitable for use on an electric hob.

Paella Pan Finishes

Polished Steel

Polished steel paella pans are very traditional in Spain and virtually indestructible! The only thing you need to remember is to dry the pan after it has been washed and then wipe it over with a little vegetable oil.

Cleaning these pans is very easy too, although they don't have a non-stick surface, using a stainless steel pan scourer will clean the pan in no time.

View our polished steel paella pans.

Enamelled Steel

Also very traditional in Spain, enamelled steel paella pans can be used over an open fire (without burning the handles) or in the oven, if it fits!

Enamelled pans are easier to clean and can be scrubbed with more gentle scourers. Their only downside is that, like all enamelware, they are susceptible to being chipped if dropped or bashed.

View our enamelled paella pans.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel paella pans are heavy-duty and require less upkeep. They are more expensive than other pans, but they are very durable. Stainless steel pans do not rust and you don’t have to season them.

View our stainless steel paella pans.

Induction Pans

Induction pans are a flat bottomed version of the paella pan and are the perfect choice for an electric or induction hob.

These pans have a much thicker construction, and the shape helps them to distribute the heat correctly to ensure even cooking across the base of the paella.

View our induction paella pans.

For any further help in selection your paella pan, please contact us at - we would be happy to help!

Download our Guide to Choosing the Right Paella Pan.