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Mini Gas Burner Legs

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Mini Gas Burner Legs

Paella World is pleased to introduce our Garcima Mini Gas Burner Legs, which are ideal for a firm base when cooking paella indoors or on raised surfaces. They easily slot into your Garcima Paella Burner

    • Paella Gas Burner Mini Legs
    • Sturdy Steel Design
    • Hand made in Spain
    • Can be fitted to all our range of Paella Burners (Universal)


Our Paella Legs are manufactured to the highest quality specifications by the celebrated Spanish Paella Company Garcima, which is a national brand, based in Valencia in Spain, the original home of Paella.
Paella World is delighted to be a UK importer of Garcima Paella equipment and spares

Paella Legs Care

Legs should be cleaned if required and then packed away and stored with all the bolts together until next required.


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