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Paella Mega Ingredients Kit

Paella is delighted to introduce our Paella Mega Ingredients Kit

It contains everything you need to get started making great Paella with the very best ingredients (other than the fresh ingredients of course).

This kit is a perfect addition to any one of our pans to get you cooking the finest of Paellas and is packed full of imported, authentic Spanish ingredients. All imported from the Paella Capital, the Valencia region of Spain.

This kit contains

    • 4 x Catala Paella rice 1kg
    • 2 x Pimenton Dulce (Sweet Paprika) Tin 
    • 2 x Pimenton Picante (Hot Paprika) Tin
    • 2 x Pimenton Ahumado (Smoked Sweet Paprika) Tin
    • Paella Colorant 50g Jar
    • Colorant box (10 sachets)
    • Paprika Dulce (Sweet) 50g jar
    • Paprika Picante (Hot) 50g jar
    • Pimenton Dulce Ahumado 50g Jar (Sweet smoked)
    • 1 x Spanish Saffron Crystal Jar 1 Gram
    • 2 x Spanish Saffron 1 Gram
    • Paella Saffron and Seasoning Deluxe 50g Jar
    • Paella Saffron and Seasoning Deluxe (6 sachets)

Spice Packs

In addition to you spice and rice packs, all of our ingredients are available individually, such as SAFFRON – 5GRAM 


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