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100cm Catering Enamelled Steel Paella Pan (60-90 Portions)

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100cm Catering Enamelled Paella Pan (60-90)

Paellaworld is pleased to introduce our 100cm Catering Enamelled Paella Pan (60-90).

This is intended for professional Chefs and serves between 60 and 90 people, depending on whether you are serving tapas or main courses. It is ideal for street traders and outdoor caterers.

It is sold individually or also as part of a set 100CM PROFESSIONAL PAELLA COOKING SET ENAMELLED STEEL & SERVES 60-90 (FFD OUTDOOR/INDOOR USE)

100cm Enamelled Steel Paella Pan

    • Traditional Enamelled steel finish

    • Thicker gauge steel less susceptible to warping

    • Hand made in Spain

    • Serves 60-90 Portions

    • Suitable for gas hobs, gas burners and cooking on BBQs/Open Fires

    • Enamelled Steel pans are more non stick than Polished Paella Pans


Our Paella Pans are manufactured to the highest quality specifications by the celebrated Spanish Paella Company Garcima, which is a national brand, based in Valencia in Spain, the original home of Paella.

Pan Care

Polished Steel Pans should be cleaned as normal by hand (these types of pans are not suitable for dishwashers). Then once dried they should be stored in a cool dry place until next needed.


And of course, we also supply authentic,. imported Spanish ingredients, in particular all of the Spanish spices you need to cook the perfect Paella and Imported Spanish Bomba rice and Spanish Saffron PAELLA MEGA INGREDIENTS KIT


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