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65cm Cast Iron Griddle (reversible)

Paellaworld is pleased to introduce our 65cm Cast Iron Griddle (reversible). Our griddle pans are ridged on one site and smooth on the other.

Griddle pans are a great addition to Paella World’s range and offer a great option for outdoor griddle catering. These are perfect for outdoor parties or camping.

Griddle pans can be used for a range of cooking and offer versatility for budding chefs, especially when catering outdoors. They offer much more variety than simple BBQs.

Our Griddle Pan is:

    • Dual sided
    • Cast iron for authentic flavour and a reliable heat source
    • Hand made in Spain
    • Suitable for gas hobs and open fire heat sources
    • Heavy weight

Griddle Care

Paella griddle pans should be hand washed and then patted dry with tissue paper or kitchen roll. A thin layer of oil should then be applied before storing in a clean dry place until next required.


Our paella pans and gas burners are manufactured to the highest quality specifications by the respected and celebrated Spanish company, Garcima, and are imported directly from Spain by Paellaworld.


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