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Butane Gas Regulator 21mm

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Butane Gas Regulator 21mm

Paella World seeks to provide a range of accessories you may need for your Paella Cooking Sets.

Our Butane Gas Regulator 21mm is used to connect your Garcima Paella Burner to the Gas Bottle

They are suitable for Butane 13kg Gas Bottles with a 21mm Clip on Valve. Also Suited to Calor Gas 7kg and 15kg Butane Gas Bottles (Blue Colour) but not the smaller 4.5kg Calor Gas Bottle.

All our Gas Regulators are purchased from the UK and meet the CE standards. suitable for the 4.5kg Calor Gas Bottle. These are the blue bottles and are available in all good outdoor living stores and garden centres.

Includes 2 metres of UK 8mm Gas Hose and Clips which you can connect straight on to your new Paella Gas Burner.

All our Gas Regulators are purchased from the UK and meet the CE standards.

Paella World seeks to be the UK’s leading importer of all things Paella and this means maintaining a stock to ancillary equipment which maybe small but are critical to your cooking success. We know how frustrating it can be when you’re all ready to go but suddenly find out you need something to complete your set up.

If you contact us, we will always try and help. After all, we’re all found ourselves in such situations from time to time.


Paella World also hires Paella Pans and Paella Sets. If you are unsure about your precise requirements, please get in touch and we will do our best to help Paella Hire Paella Hire


And of course, we also supply authentic,. imported Spanish ingredients, in particular all of the Spanish spices you need to cook the perfect Paella and Imported Spanish Bomba rice and Spanish Saffron PAELLA MEGA INGREDIENTS KIT


Please call us on 01709 947683 or email us at and we would be delighted to talk you through the various options and choices.