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Paella Colourant (250 gram jar)

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Paella Colourant (250 gram jar)

Paella World is pleased to introduce our Paella Colourant (250 gram jar)

We import all our spices, rice and paella ingredients from our specialist importer who is based in Valencia, Spain.

Everyone knows that making the perfect paella requires authentic Spanish spices and is why we are the UK’s premier supplier of Paella ingredients

    • 250 grams of Paella Colorant

    • Made by Salsafran - One of Spain's finest Spanish Spice producers with a great heritage

    • Enough for around 100 Paellas

    • Paella is naturally a orange/red colour until colorant is added


Our Ingredients are all purchased in Spain by a selected PaellaWorld team of product testers, we can assure you, they only pick the best Spain has to offer.