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Paella Gas Burner Windshield (300mm-500mm Burners)

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Paella Gas Burner Windshield (300mm-500mm Burners)

Paella World is pleased to introduce our Paella Gas Burner Windshield (300mm-500mm Burners)

We know that cooking outdoors also means contending with the British weather that there is nothing more frustrating than trying to cook on a breezy day and your Garcima burner keeps being blown out. That is why the

Paella Gas Burner Windshield (300mm-500mm Burners) is the perfect accompaniment for the professional Chef.

The windshields fit on top of the Garcima Burner, meaning your paella pan can still be used but the flame is protected from the wind. They are also adjustable to fit your precise burner.

Windshields can be purchased at the same time as you purchase your burner, or at the same time you purchase your entire set


Our Windshields are manufactured to the highest quality specifications by the celebrated Spanish Paella Company Garcima, which is a national brand, based in Valencia in Spain, the original home of Paella. It also means that the windshields are made to snugly fit onto your Garcima burners.


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