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Stainless Steel Paella Spoon (115mmx50cm)

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Stainless Steel Paella Spoon (115mmx48cm)

Paella World is pleased to introduce our Stainless Steel Paella Spoon (115mmx48cm)

    • 115mm x 50cm Stainless Steel Paella Spoon

    • Metal Handle

    • Hand made in Spain

    • Can be used with all our range of Paella Pans

Every Paella Chef must have a Paella Spoon, doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur Chef trying your hand in the garden or a professional Chef, the Paella Spoon is an essential ingredient towards making the perfect paella.

Spoon Care

Spoons should be cleaned as normal by hand or in a dishwasher. Then once dried they should be stored in a cool dry place until next needed. If you are washing them in a dishwasher, be careful where they are placed so they don’t get damaged


Did you know that Paella World also hires Paella Pans and Paella Sets; this is especially useful for professional caterers. If you are unsure about your precise requirements, please get in touch and we will do our best to help Paella Hire


And of course, we also supply authentic,. imported Spanish ingredients, in particular all of the Spanish spices you need to cook the perfect Paella and Imported Spanish Bomba rice and Spanish Saffron PAELLA MEGA INGREDIENTS KIT

Our ingredients range from starter kits for the amateur Chef through to catering lots for professional paella caterers


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