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Bomba Rice Tartana Restaurant Special (D.O Arroz de Valencia) Cloth Bag 5kg

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Tartana Restaurant Special (D.O Arroz de Valencia) Bomba Rice 5kg

Paella World is delighted to introduce our Tartana Restaurant Special (D.O Arroz de Valencia) Bomba Rice 5kg

The “Bomba variety” is greatly appreciated and recognized by major restaurateurs, chefs, foodies, and more demanding consumers. Its grain absorbs the broth and the flavors in a very special way, achieving exceptional taste, and it manages to duplicate its volume during the boiling, and it does not thicken. The cooking time is around 18-20 minutes. This variety is particularly suitable for Mediterranean rice dishes’: paella, dry rice, watery rice, stew rice, and risottos.

The “Gorets” saga devotes itself to the cultivation of rice since the beginning of the 19th century, in the vicinity of the Albufera lake, in Valencia. All their members have been contributing with a greater or lesser extent during its history. Family lands are located in the local areas of Valencia, Sueca, Sollana and Alfafar, and its largest extension on the island of L’Estell, located next to a little village called El Palmar.
Rice Tartana belongs to the company S.A.T. MUCEVAL., founded by the 4th generation of the family in 1987, whose mission has been to improve rice production processes, and commitment to the environment. The 5th generation is who undertakes leading and advancing TARTANA brand, with the objective of keeping the company growing up and continue providing the best rice to the most demanding consumers.

The Island L’Estell is a “tancat”, a piece of land which was water part of the Albufera lagoon of Valencia originally, and by its privileged location, there is produced a supreme quality rice.

The lands where Rice TARTANA is grown are in the vicinity of Albufera Lake, in Valencia, Natural Park formed by the own lagoon, all the marshes and surrounding wetlands, besides the coastal cord (La Dehesa de El Saler) that separates it from the Mediterranean Sea.

The Albufera is a biodiversity treasure with a giant ecological value, being a step area for many migratory birds. The territories of the Albufera Natural Park are located in three regions: Ribera Alta, Ribera Baixa and L’Horta Sud, besides the city of Valencia. The lagoon outlet channels are called “golas”, which regulate the level of the waters by hatches, allowing the flooding of land devoted to rice cultivation.